The PURPOSE: Help Create a Just, Equitable and Sustainable World for All, for Generations to Come.

The MISSION: Transition World to Sustainable Technology and Impact 2B+ Global Citizens by 2030

The CHALLENGE: Humanity's Critical Inflection Point

Estimated of being 100X larger than the Web,  The "Smart" hyperconnected Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the dawning of one of mankind's great awakenings and altering everything in our world as we know it. This begs the question that the Iotty Awards® was created to help address, "How can we ensure all the "smart" connected IoT technologies are being used to create a better world and sustainable future?" 

The OPPORTUNITY: Creating a Better World with Smart IoT ™

The Iotty Awards ® is the Academy Awards of IoT and the world's first independent live awards show, dedicated to honoring and promoting excellence and innovation across the entire IoT ecosystem that's improving the state of the world. The Academy feels that nothing deserves celebratory spotlight more - or will help advance the industry more - than honoring those using IoT at it's best - helping create a better world for all!

The GOAL: Impact Two Billion Global Citizens by 2030


Governed by the International Academy of Automation Arts and Sciences (IAAAS), the Iotty Awards® honors and celebrates excellence and innovation in IoT, while helping raise awareness and promoting Smart IoT at it's best -  helping address the most challenging questions facing humanity.  The proprietary multi-stakeholder, multi-purpose, sustainable technology platform delivers aspiration, awards, awareness, action, acceleration, achievement, activation, affinity, and amplification, globally. The platform uses both Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change Management Best Practices, including public recognition, to help change behavior and create a sustainable world.

The MARKET: All Top 21st Century Markets Collide


A first-ever, the Iotty Awards® brings together the massive IoT market making the world smarter, projected by the World Economic Forum/Accenture to be $14 trillion annually by 2030, along with the enormous sustainable impact market, estimated by a Davos report to be $12 trillion annually by 2030. Moreover, a 2018 Forbes survey report confirmed that top execs around the globe consider IoT as the most important emerging technology, and a converging point and enabler for all other exponential technologies, including AI, robotics and all the others. “Sustainable IoT” presents one of the most significant opportunities of the 21st century, creating both business profits, social, and environmental global impact on a scale and scope never before seen.

The VISION: Walt Disney's IoT World of Tomorrowland


Back to the future! The IoT "Tomorrowland" that Disney dreamed of is now becoming possible like never before in the history of humankind. - with the advent of "smart" connected Internet of Things technologies. IoT is rapidly enabling all other emerging technologies and radically changing our world around us, in ways we can’t even yet imagine. If only Walt Disney could see our world today. We can only imagine what he would say. But, no doubt Disney would be awestruck with his timeless childlike wonder and unwavering in his belief in humankind and dream of a world where technology a being used as a positive force of good.  “A vista into a world full of wondrous ideas, signifying mans's achievements… and the hope for a peaceful and unified world.” that Walt Disney first spoke of at Disneyland's opening in LA Anaheim back on July 17, 1955.

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