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Award-Winning Sustainable Technology, Media & Telecommunications Executive Producer 

Public recognition awards for sustainable emerging technology innovations in IoT, AI, Robotics, VR, Video, media, wireless microwave, and satellite communications includes Internet Pioneer award (“The Oscars of the Internet!” -USA Today) by IBM, AT&T, SRI Consulting, Price Waterhouse, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, American Film Institute and 70 others. The award was for being the first to connect our planets ocean to the Internet for The Jason Project, back in 1996, with Dr. Robert Ballard, famous oceanographer and discoverer of the RMS Titanic that sank in 1912.   

The “Jason VII Project: Adapting to a Changing Sea” was an actual two-week working environmental scientific expedition turned global STEM curriculum program for students.  The mission was to find out more about how climate change and human development affect the coral reefs and other aquatic life, and how ecosystems work is essential to the health of the planet and humans who live here.

Sample "worlds first" technology innovations from the live underwater expedition created and led as Executive Producer included the first IoT connected ship (with first-ever wireless ship-to-shore T1 microwave commlink/with mobile satellite land base) and first underwater IoT (connecting Aquarius, the world's only subsea scientific habitat, now training astronauts for Mars). It also included the world's first subsea website, “virtual porthole” cams, VR tour, chat sessions, and Internet TV adventure series for the Jason Project, all broadcasted for the very first time over the internet, to students and scientists across the globe, live from the bottom of the ocean floor. 

Leading industry, academia, government, and media sponsored The Jason Foundation for Education international science expedition. This included EDS (HP), National Geographic, NASA (Live Space Communications Uplink to Russian Space Station MIR where astronaut Shannon Lucid greeted the kids where she had spent the last month conducting research), Continental Airlines, U.S. Dept. of Education, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Navy Nuclear NR-1 Sub, U.S. Department of Environmental Protection - and many others. 

The project was hailed as science, media, technology, communications, and education at it's best! It was a real honor and unforgettable experience to be a part of it, along with all the hundreds of dedicated people from around the world who helped make it possible. 

See short segment below picked up by major media, TV and Cable Networks. 

(Aquarius VHS Archive, Filmed and Produced by Bill Mapp, 1996)

"Purpose without technology is lame. Technology without purpose is blind."™

-- Bill Mapp, Creator and Executive Producer, The Iotty Awards ® | Founder and Executive Director, The International Academy of Automation Arts and Sciences™





Jury clears Bill Mapp of bogus fraud charges in a $26M capital raise for a 2009 Silicon Valley sustainable technology startup founded by Mr. Mapp. (A small civil penalty was assessed for a few SEC claimed technical errors found in an investment document that had been signed-off by company securities counsel.) JUL’18 Federal Judge states Mapp’s actions “did not involve fraud and deceit and also did not result in substantial losses to others.”  


Any information from any source that implies or states anything contrary to the above facts is false (malicious or misinformed) and should be discarded and reported. 


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